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Marslyn Richardson, Assistant Manager Credit

Hand in hand with continuous advancements in technology and recent shifts in the job market, the demand for continuing education and career training for adults has perhaps never been stronger and the Bank is now offering an opportunity to all nontraditional-aged students who are trying to figure out how to finance their next degree or certification—the good news is that CCB Student loans are available.

CCB’Assistant Manager—Credit, Ms. Marslyn Richardson further noted that in catering for the younger students, the Bank is aware that High School is an exciting, but short time in your life. College is right around the corner, so it's never too early to start planning on where you want to go...and how you're going to pay to get there. CCB understands that it can be difficult for most parents to fully fund their children's college degrees without assistance and, in this programme CCB Student loans can help fill the gap between your savings and the cost of college/university.

Who’s eligible for the CCB Student Loan? Enrolled high school students attending classes outside the regular school schedule; those students wishing to pursue tertiary studies; working adults pursuing post- secondary studies/ certificate programmes/associates/technical programs; students already enrolled in a college or other post-secondary school as well as those persons pursing post-graduate studies. The list goes on.
How much will the Bank fund? How much can you afford to borrow? What is required for a successful application? Get the answers to create your moment.

CCB wants to help you build your future. Grab a brochure or call our loan officers at 497 2571. Better yet, drop in and see us at either The Valley or West End branch. Now is always a good time! Don’t let the cost of advanced studies prevent you from pursuing your dream. Invest in your future with a student loan from CCB!

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